Thursday, August 20, 2015

First letter to home!

I'm in the MTC now, I just got here! It's really cool and there's only like 30 people here. On the way to New Jersey I sat in between two asians who didn't smell very good and I had no arm rests so I had to figure out how to drink my water with my elbows at my sides. Then on the flight to Manchester I got an aisle row next to a guy from Liverpool and we talked for hours, he was cool! He said he thought the whole mission thing was strange though, but he thought I was just a normal kid from Utah. I'm super tired from traveling but it's ok because I'm wearing my nametag now and it feels really cool. I look like a missionary now, too. The guys that I came with are the greatest, I'm already friends with all of them. Most of them are hilarious, but a few of them are freaking annoying and never shut up. Ever. Hopefully I'm not stuck with one of those guys. The weather feels really good here and it's not raining at all. But I gotta go now because we have a really tight schedule and so much to do. It's awesome though and I love it already!

-Elder Thomas

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