Monday, February 29, 2016

More Miracles and Crazy Dudes

Hi everybody!

Another crazy week here in Witney. So much has happened this week and I don't really know where to start! You'll be interested to know that it isn't raining or cloudy right now. The sun is shining right now so hopefully it lasts a few hours because I miss it so much! My tan is long gone and I've become pretty pasty in the last few months. The weather is getting warmer though.

Good news! We saw the Rathbones this week and they are planning on going to the temple next month! They are so ready and so excited, and I am pumped for them. Unfortunately, I won't be able to go with them to do baptisms since the members are supposed to go, but hopefully I can go with them in a year or so when they go through. That would be cool.

Out here in Witney there is a real shortage of referrals. We probably get one every few months, so it's a real treat when we get one! We finally got one from headquarters so we set out to find him on Tuesday. His name is Oliver and he lives in an old English town called Sutton. Eventually we found his house but he wasn't in, so we worked there for a bit before heading back to Witney. Sutton is in the middle of nowhere and it was pretty fun to work there, even though it was full of stubborn people in big houses. Just thought I'd include this though since referrals are so hard to come by!

The best part of the week was the exchange with Elder Phelps. I cherish every moment with that Elder! We know how to work hard and have fun at the same time, which is the best. It was cool because I got to go out to Didcot, my "birthplace." We also went out to Wallingford (the promised land) where we gave out a few Book of Mormons (Books of Mormon?) and witnessed many miracles. While knocking I found a friendly cat and decided to get a picture with it, circle of life style. There are so many random cats out here it's nuts! That night we had a lesson with George and Maggie. They're from Egypt and have only lived here for a little while. The wife had only been here for a few days so half the time they were speaking Arabic, which was interesting. We taught them about prophets and they ate it up! High hopes for Didcot! We had a candle night after planning and I may have accidentally spilled some liquid wax on the rug...a good exchange though! Elder Phelps is a boss.

I can officially say that I've been spat at! One night we were walking back to the flat after a long day of work. We came around the corner and saw this crazy guy standing there. I've seen this guy a few times around Witney and even approached him one time, and he didn't take it very well. I guess he wasn't in a great mood that night because he started yelling and swearing at us. We asked him what was wrong, but then he started spitting at was weird. I can finally check that off the list though :)

It's been a good week. Elder Reynolds is so awesome, I love working with him! I feel like if he went to my school then I'd still be friends with him. We click that well! However, we felt like there is something missing in our companionship. We figured it might be the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost, so we both felt prompted to begin a 40 day fast. This will be round 2 for me, but I plan on doing it with all of my companions in the field. I have a testimony of it because I've seen the fruits from it. I must say, it really transformed me so I'm ecstatic to do it again! Soon our companionship will be purified and we will be more effective instruments in the hands of the Lord. Super exciting! We started yesterday but I would love any of you if not all to also do a 40 day fast. No, it's not easy, but it's worth it. You simply fast from food for 24 hours and write down at least 10 disobedient behaviours that pokes at your spirit. Then fast from those things for 40 days. Pray for strength to stop those behaviours and you will be surprised at who you become. I know it works and I know we can choose to change!

I want to share my testimony that I know that God has a plan for us. He really does know all of us because we're his sons and daughters. He loves us! He works in the greatest ways. The Saviour will always be our best friend, we just need to let Him help us. I know that this Church is completely true and so is the Book of Mormon. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

I just want to thank you all for your love and support! Thank you especially to grandma for the package and the sweets, they are the best! Love you all! Je t'aime au revoir!


Elder Thomas


Cool little path in an old English town called Sutton

Trying to find a referral in Sutton

Outside my flat

Our bus stop on High Street

I'm famous on Google!

Candles with Elder Phelps

For Elder Wagaman

Elder Raveneau at home

Candace's racing bus!

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