Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Blessings and Tight Spaces

Good Morning, my friends!

Such a fantastic week in the ELSM. I'm still not entirely sure what happened this week, but our zone has just taken wings. Our mission has a goal to get 31 baptisms in the month of October--which we are promoting as #31--and our zone is definitely pulling its own weight right now: almost every single companionship is teaching an investigator with a baptismal date in October, and the sisters here just baptized last week. So we are en fuego as a zone. Unfortunately we had to drop the Mann family due to lack of commitment, so we need to catch up with our zone baptismal date wise because we really want to contribute to #31. It's going to take a miracle, but it can happen... I've seen it happen before!

Such a good week though!
-exchange with the APs (Elder Tunnicliffe from York)
-exchange with Elder Gerard from Idaho
-DLC in Staines
-District Meeting at President's house
-Investigator bought us pizza

Today marks 1 week before Elder Senkans goes home. It's always interesting to be with a missionary right before they go home because they either buckle down and finish strong or get super "trunky". Fortunately, the companions I've sent home have buckled down, and so has Elder Senkans. It's been a total pleasure to serve with the only currently-serving Latvian missionary in the world and I've learned a ton from him! I guess the most significant thing I've learned is how to lose gracefully, since he beats me in literally everything we do. I guess this is my tribute to him. Paldies, Elder Senkans! Next time you hear from me I will have a new companion.

My exchange with Elder Tunnicliffe was absolutely hilarious. I haven't met many people as funny as that guy! But The APs are super busy so we didn't really get to teach anybody, but we got to help some missionaries out and stop at the temple, which is always a huge treat.

Elder Gerard and I had some good times walking the streets of London together, speaking to as many people as I could. It reminded me of the beginning of my mission when literally all we did was street contact! I love watching people as they hear the familiar "ring" of the gospel in their ears. Unfortunately, some choose to ignore the Spirit, while others accept it! All was well until we got back to the house, when I realized I'd forgotten the key when we had left. The other Elders had the car and weren't home yet and we were super hungry, so we weren't just going to let a forgotten key stop us from getting inside. With a lot of creativity and not a lot of thinking, we were able to find a way in! Elder Gerard boosted me up to get to a very small window in the kitchen. It wasn't low to the ground, so I was pretty nervous. After a lot of sucking in, I made it through the window, let Elder Gerard in, and we feasted on some much deserved pizza. We thought we were pretty cool. Missionaries make even the smallest of things super dramatic!

District meeting at the Gublers' was a fantastic way to top off the week. Afterwards there was lunch and yes, Sister Gubler made her famous heavenly rolls. It was sublime.

We had a lesson with an investigator called Sophie, who is best friends with a recent convert here. She's the one that brought pizza. So after dinner we had a really good lesson with her and she's really cool and really wants to know if the gospel is all true. It makes me so happy when people are honest seekers of truth--they are the elect who are prepared by God! 

I just know that God does nothing unless it helps His sons and daughters in some way. He knows His purpose and He sticks to it at all times. I've come to know this by hearing His word and reading His word, and from seeing the evidence of it in my life. He listens to you and loves all of His children. That's my testimony in the name of God's Son, Jesus Christ, amen.

Love you all so much! See ya later!

Love, Elder Thomas


Got my title of liberty

District meeting at the Gublers

Exchange with Elder Gerard

Elder Senkans' last preparation day. Cool flag!

Had President's house all to ourselves

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