Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Christmas in July

Bom dia, meus amigos!

Where in the world did May go? That was by far the quickest month of my mission and probably my life. I think I deserve a refund of an extra month! Hopefully the next couple months can be slower. Not even kidding, sometimes I really do pray for time to just slow down but I'm still waiting on an answer to that one...not sure if I will!

This week!
-ridiculous weather
-proper good teaching moments
-got some really good news
-another terrorist attack in the mission
-got an email notifying me of 8 weeks until departure :/

From the title of this email, you're probably assuming that I'm referring to the weather. Well, you're assumption would be correct! The weather here has been insane lately. Normally the June weather in Jersey is warm and pleasant, but it feels like winter here right now. The wind has made it nearly impossible to ride our bikes. And yes, we even busted out our winter coats. But there's another reason for the title of the email! In our mission we strive to give the Lord a "white Christmas" each year by really sprinting to the finish at the year's end to give the Lord as many baptisms as we can as our gift to him. Because of this, December is always a magical month for missionaries. Our mission has decided to really go the extra mile next month in order to give the Lord a "Christmas in July". Very fitting, especially seeing it is the last month of my mission. Elder Ferreira and I are going to do everything we can think of to help save some souls during this final stretch!

To help us get fired up for the final stretch, we're getting a huge kick start. Next week we're going all the way back to London for a mission conference where Elder D. Todd Christopherson of the quorum of the twelve will address the ELSM! Boy, I nearly dropped my krumpet when I heard that news! So the Jersey Squad is taking England once again even though we were just there last week. Pretty sweet though, huh? Not everyday you get to sit at the feet and be taught by of one of the Lord's anointed! It will be cool as well because the conference will be held in Staines, one of my old areas. This mission is just the best!

The biggest miracle of the week was teaching the Good family (their last name is "Good"). We had prepared well for our lesson with them and had been looking forward to teaching them all week, but when the time finally rolled around for us to teach them, the only thing that stood inbetween us and them was a few miles of what the people of Jersey would call a hurricane. The weather was bad enough that we began to consider calling them to reschedule our visit, but a wave of strength and courage came over us and we couldn't be stopped! It seemed like Satan had placed that storm in our path to stop us from doing the Lord's work, and we almost crashed a few times as we pedaled our way through that storm. But nothing could make us dismount those bad boys! We just kept going and arrived at the Goods' house soaking wet and freezing cold. We taught them the Plan of Salvation and the Spirit there was un-de niable! It feels so good to teach a family about God's plan for them and watch their faces fill with hope as we testify that they can live together after death. Those are absolutely priceless moments! The gospel just has to be true, folks. It makes sense and it feels good.

That's all the time I've got for today, but I hope these experiences have built your faith like they've built mine. You guys have a blessed week, and you crazy kids enjoy summer! Do something awesome this week!

Love, Elder Thomas


Me and Elder Ferreira

How we resolve our companionship issues

Comp study atop Fort Regent

This flag?

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