Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Moves Week!

Hey guys!

This week has been filled with lots of fun and lots of miracles. The Rathbone family is progressing, prayers are being answered, I had one of the best hamburgers of my life, and...  It's moves week!

It's a tradition in every last district meeting of the transfer to predict where everybody will go. I predicted that everybody would stay, and I was so close! To my disappointment, the Fantastic Four is finally broken up. Three of the four will be staying here in the Oxford District. My companion is Elder Raveneau! That's right, he's staying here! Elder Phelps will be staying as well, so Elder Wagaman is going to Royal Tunbridge Wells, in Kent. We said goodbye to him this morning and it was tough. He's been a big part of my training and I'm going to miss him, but he'll do great things in Tunbridge Wells. Our new district leader is Elder Feistl from Germany. Now we have a German, a Scot, a French and a few Americans in the district...it's like WW3 over here.

Elder Raveneau wasn't as thrilled about the news as I was because he wanted to go to a new area for his last 6 weeks. Personally, I'm glad he's staying because we have a family to baptize--this transfer is going to be awesome. He goes home in February, so we're going to keep working hard. I heard that in an attempt to save money, the Church will have him swim home to France :) The good part is that since everybody thought he would be leaving, we had a ton of dinner appointments with members over the week. I'm glad to be here in Witney, I'm convinced this is the best area in the mission.

As for your weekly update on the Rathbones, they are doing so well! We had a lesson with them on Saturday and Brother Sutton came along. We taught and testified about obedience and baptism and it went sooooooo well! They are psyched that we are both staying and here comes the thunder: they set a goal to be baptized before Elder Raveneau goes home! At the same time, they aren't doing this for us, but for God. Simon, who didn't believe in God 2 months ago, prayed to Him to close our lesson.

Last week we went to this restaurant in Oxford called Pepper's Burgers. I didn't know what to expect, but I had been told they made American burgers...I had to try it! I wasn't let down, it was one of the best burgers I've had in my life (see picture)! I'll definitely be going back soon. I thought this miracle was email-worthy.

With the beginning of the new year, I've been looking back at the things I've accomplished in 2015. It was a pretty big year: Getting a mission call, graduating high school, and going on a mission... as good as last year was, January 1st means new years resolutions! Lately, I've been pondering a lot about the goals that I should set not only for 2016, but for my whole mission. I wrote down the things I felt and set goals that I thought would stretch me. At the same time, I know that I can reach them with the Savior's help. Most of you have probably set goals already, but I encourage you to not only write them down, but STICK to them! Put them in a place you can see them and do all you can to achieve them. Every successful person sets goals...even Heavenly Father! He has long term goals (The Plan of Salvation) and short term, everyday goals (The Gospel of Jesus Christ). I know that goals are an essential part of the Gospel and God's plan.

Cheers from the UK!

Love, Elder Thomas

New suit!

The Fantastic Four

Action pic:  Elder Thomas in mid-translation

Pepper's Burgers

Bye Elder Wagaman

Elder Wagaman and the Didcot flat

Same ties!



What does the fox say?

The new district

A french cake from Sister Raveneau

The Oxford district

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