Monday, January 11, 2016

Preaching in the rain

Hey, folks! Here's what's up in good old Witney, Uk:

This week consisted of LOADS of tracting and contacting, and mostly in the rain. I don't understand the weather here! It's always sunny in the morning and then rainy the rest of the day. Somehow, we always find ourselves in a downpour.

On one of these stormy nights we were knocking a road, and not having much success. We got yelled at more than usual, and many doors were slammed in our faces. We were cold, tired, and absolutely soaked, but there was still one more door to knock. Now, you may be expecting the cliche last-door success story, but not in this case. The people were not interested. As we stepped off the front porch, however, we received a text from our ward mission leader, who had just visited our investigator family (Rathbones). He let us know that they had committed to live the law of tithing after baptism, which is a huge step of faith with their fixed budget. Suddenly, the rain stopped and the sunshine burst through the clouds (figuratively). We walked cheerfully home and slept well that night.

The Rathbones have been showing immense steps of faith lately! They've been reading the Book of Mormon and praying every day, and they've also been coming to church. They stayed for the full 3 hours this time and they loved it! I finally took a selfie with them so you can see who they are. After church, we all went over to the ward mission leader's house for a "cottage evening," or FHE. The Rathbones were there, and we felt like we should extend a baptismal date for January 30. Although the spirit was there, they feel like they need more time. This was frustrating for me because they believe everything we've taught them, but are afraid to make the next step. Granted, it's a big step, but I know they're ready. All they need now is the confirmation of the Spirit. Amazing things are coming for that family!

Since we as companions spend so much time together, there are a lot of funny things that happen. Most of them are inside jokes, but we have to find ways to work hard and have fun at the same time. From dance competitions up to doorsteps to free throw competitions in the bathroom, we get pretty creative as we make missionary work fun. However, there is a line to be drawn dividing time to be serious and time to have fun. It's been hard for me to learn where to draw this line, but I never realized that a mission would be! Although the last 5 months have been the most spiritual months of my life, they've also been the funnest of my life. They've been the best of my life!

Doing the Lord's will is what makes me happy, and that includes serving a mission. I've found the happiness that comes from aligning my will with God's and I plan on doing this my whole life. If His will is for me to declare His Gospel in the middle of the road in the pouring rain, I'll do it. I don't really care what it is, if I know it's God's will, I want to do it because I know that he loves me with a perfect love. President Eyring promises us 2 things if we will choose to serve God this day. 1: whatever dark times we are going through today will be better in the next day, and 2: we are promised to feel God's love. I add my witness as a representative of Jesus Christ to President Eyring's witness that that promise is true. May we choose to serve God this day and forever do His will.

Have a great week everybody! Long live the Potato.


Elder Thomas
Selfie with the Rathbone family

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