Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Near Death Experiences and McFlurries

Hello! Or as my companion would say, Sveiki!

Hope you have all had a good week! I still can't believe how fast time is going by. Sounds like a lot has changed back in the home country with everybody either getting married, going to college, or starting school today. It's weird being re-plugged into the social pipeline of Facebook and being notified each time something happens. But best of luck to you all with your big changes!

Some highlights for you:
-went to Costco
-exchange with Elder Price from Layton
-Started driving!
-more African food
-beat Elder Senkāns in tennis
-got to play the piano in sacrament meeting

There have been lots of changes around here, too! First of all, I started driving this week. For those of you who have ever driven here in the UK, you can understand how I feel...that is, absolutely terrified. So one day I got behind the wheel, got myself comfortably situated, and confidently began driving. Things were doing great until I put the car into drive...remember that I'm driving on the other side of the road on the opposite side of the car and I haven't driven in a year. My body kept wanting to drift to the left side of the road. You can imagine the fear of the other 3 missionaries in the car! Somehow we made it to church and back alive, but now there's a running joke about how bad my driving is. Since then I've gotten the hang of things a little bit more, but I'm still slightly nervous about driving on these small roads. So yeah, I'm grateful to be writing to you today!

Our main focuses are to build up our teaching pool and get some baptisms while building up our zone at the same time. A mission is all peaks and troughs, and our zone has definitely been in a trough lately. The good news is, we can only improve! So Elder Senkāns talked a lot this week about how to boost the zone, and I came up with a pretty good idea. The Elders who live with us have been working hard lately but haven't seen much success, but I felt like there was more they could be doing. I wanted them to give more, and I also knew of their love for McFlurries. I put two and two together and offered to buy them McFlurries if they could get a baptismal date this week. Apparently all they needed was a little bit more incentive, because they came home one night grinning from ear to ear and were delighted to tell us that they did indeed put one of their investigators on date for baptism! And yes, they enjoyed their much-deserved McFlurries. A little incentive never hurt anyone :)

The week ended with an awesome exchange with Elder Price. He goes home pretty soon so it was good to be able to do some work with him and get back out on the streets. I love serving with missionaries who've been out for a while because I just become a sponge and soak up all their wisdom and advice. It's good stuff!

The Lord has definitely been good to us this week. I wake up every morning and just can't wait to get to work and see what the Lord has in store for us. If you look closely, you can see the Lord's hand in your life everyday. It definitely increases your faith and connection to His power! I love you all!

Last week we went to Costco and it was good to get some Fro Yo and have a little taste of America. Today we're going to Guildford for some sports with the other Elders. These are good times.

Also, it's my wonderful mother's birthday this week, so be sure to wish her happy birthday because she's the best!

Quote of the week: "I'm just too blessed to be stressed."

Love, Elder Thomas


Random picture in front of a castle

A viking is mowing my lawn!

Guildford district meeting

Made some brownies and ice cream

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