Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Flying Colors and Mr. Miyagi

Hey, folks! Hope you're well. First of all, I want to thank you all for choosing to receive and read my weekly letters. When my mom told me that people actually read these, I was overjoyed! I honestly try every single week to include all my fun and spiritual experiences in hopes that it will uplift and help you in some way. I'm super blessed to have so much support from you whilst I'm out here serving the Lord, who has been especially good to me this week :) and what a week it has been!

This week:
-exchange with Elder Jensen from Sandy
-passed my driving theory test!
-painted the fence with Mr. Miyagi
-Philippino BBQ
-some unfortunate news
-had brownies and lots of ice cream
-loads of service mission is literally a dream come true. Have you ever had one of your dreams come true, and do you want more of them to come true? Then serve a mission! I just lived one of my dreams: I grew up watching a movie we all know called The Karate Kid. Personally, I've always dreamed of learning karate from an old man like Daniel Larusso was. Although I didn't do any waxing on or off, I did get to paint a fence with Mr. Miyagi. No joke! Our Vietnamese landlord wanted to paint our fence, so we decided to give him a hand and get painting. It took quite a while and it's still not finished, but Mr. Miyagi was generous. He bought us fish and chips afterwards (that's a real treat here in England). So I did indeed paint the fence with Mr. Miyagi and fulfilled one of my childhood dreams. Missions are full of surprises.

The reason why our landlord wanted to paint our fence is also the bad news... the mission office called us and informed us that the Staines House is being sold and we will all be moving out into two separate flats. That was some sad news because I love 4 man flats, but if that's what the Lord wants then so be it! We move out on November 1.

I had a spiritually awesome experience this last week. I took my driving theory test last Friday and was pretty nervous about the whole thing because time is running out and I needed to pass! But I walked into that test having studied as much as I could. I answered all the questions I knew but there were still 11 questions out of 50 that I had flagged and wasn't sure about. As I sat there trying to formulate in my head the most promising answer, I figured that I should just pray. So I did. I closed the prayer and then all of the sudden my brain went into ACT mode and I started using the process of elimination to narrow down the answers to a 50/50 chance. Then I just guessed, knowing that a passing score was at least 43. I then anxiously walked out and got my results and...

That's right, you better believe I passed!

Yeah, buddy! I passed with a score of exactly 43! I was totally psyched and I might have done a victory dance as I walked out of the building. I guess I didn't exactly pass with flying colours, but I sure felt like it. Then my righteous companion decided to take me out for a McFlurry to celebrate. He always makes good choices! It was a good day.

I want to elaborate on the spiritual side of that experience, keeping in mind that God makes up the difference after all we can do. I had honestly studied for that test, failed it once, studied some more, and some more, and some more. It's not an easy test at all! I did what I could and then asked the Lord to help me, and He was there. This experience, though small, really boosted my faith and deepened my trust in Him. "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and He shall direct thy paths." I definitely attribute that miracle to God. I thanked Him for that tender mercy and then stood up, feeling like I was walking above the clouds because I felt so close to Him. He really is a God of miracles and we are His children. He loves and cherishes us, for we are His work and His glory. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

I sure do love you all, thanks for you prayers and support. I wish you the best as school is back in session and pray that you'll choose the right! Love ya!

Love, Elder Thomas


The joys of passing your theory test

Philippine BBQ... selfie with Wilbur!

Just driving my Meriva Turbo

Painting the fence with Mr. Miyagi

District meeting in High Wycombe

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