Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Batman, the Queen, and Moves Doctrine

Good morning, loved ones! Hope you've all had a brilliant week. I've had mixed responses about school starting...some of you (mostly parents) are relieved, and others (mostly kids) are devastated that summer has abruptly come to an end. Summer definitely is a good season, but we only have one season over here in the ELSM: The Season of Miracles! And the floodgates sure are opening and the miracles are flowing. It's been a spectacular week over here in London!

The good stuff:
-transfers this week
-exchange with Elder Mee from Manchester
-found a few families!
-more driving, no crashing
-went to Windsor Castle
-rode on one of those hover board segways for the first cool!
-more tennis
-ward BBQ

Transfers, or moves doctrine as we call it, happened this week. You'll be interested to know that I am staying here with Elder Senkāns and will see him off because this is his last transfer! I know, the anticipation isn't as great as it was in Witney because I haven't been here for 10 months, but it's getting there! We were pretty much the only ones not affected by moves though. The elders who were living with us both got moved and their area got closed, so now it's just the two of us in this massive house. Sure is quiet around here. I really do feel like Batman.

Last week on preparation we got to go to Windsor Castle, where Her Majesty the Queen lives. If you ever come over here, you need to go to Windsor! It was really old and historically cool. Fortunately, it wasn't too crowded and we almost had the place to ourselves. I couldn't imagine living there on my own...I would really feel like batman! And in answer to your question regarding the title of this letter: no, unfortunately the queen was not privileged to meet us. I'm sure she would've if she knew who we were though!

Saw some amazing things this week. I had one of the best exchanges of all time with Elder Mee, one of the new missionaries here. Our plans got changed a little bit, so we followed the Spirit to a street and began knocking. It's a golden street! The first person we talked to was the father of a Portuguese family and he invited us to come back the next day and teach them, which we did. We knocked on the last door and a mother opened the door, revealing a lot of ongoing house renovations inside. We immediately asked if we could help them out. They let us in to chat for a few minutes before hesitantly accepting our help.

As a result, we got to do loads of service this week! We helped that family a couple more times throughout the week and our service has softened their hearts. Their kids were the first to start asking us questions, like "who are you?" "Where are you from?" "What does your badge say?" "Why is there a potato on your shirt?" "What do you believe?" And boom, green light! So the kids are ready, now we just need the parents to come around. We are also teaching a family that we inherited from the other elders. We are definitely going to see some baptisms this transfer! My goal is to do everything I can to make sure that we get some baptisms before Elder Senkāns goes back to Viking land. I really believe this, you'll see! If it's the Lord's will, then it will happen. I'm pretty fired up right now...I just love God and thank Him for His unmistakeable hand in my life. Everybody needs to serve a mission because they change lives--not just other people's, but yours as well. I testify to you that this is God's kingdom and His work in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Love all of you, make good choices!

Love, Elder Thomas


Windsor Castle

The Royal Lawnmowers... my dream job

Couldn't get him to smile :/

Windsor Castle

The Staines House crew!

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