Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Interviews & Screeching Chickens

Hey there! Loved to hear some of your responses from the video of the killer slide last week. Glad I'm still alive to joke around about it...The video of Elder McEwen coming down is soon to come!

This week has been lit. Got to make the trek all the way down to the Gublers' home for a zone training. It had been ages since I'd been there last so it was really good to go again. It's like walking into your house after you've been gone for a long just feels right and you get all those familiar smells. That's how it is at President's house and I promise they're good smells.

While there I had two interviews. The first was with President Gubler. Guys, he is such a good man. I probably sound really cheesy but he is literally one of the most Christlike people of all time. Even when I think I can't be more amazed, he does something spectacular that amazes me even more. In my interview I expressed to him my questions about how to combat anti-mormon literature and he helped me out loads. He taught me how to shut down anti-mormon arguments in a simple and powerful way. It all comes back to whether or not the Book of Mormon is true. There are loads of questions out there and people will always have them, but the real question is whether or not the Book is true. There is no question that God will answer somebody that asks--He will. The next question is if they are willing to receive that answer. That's basically it! President Gubler does it again.

The second interview I had was with the Savior. Now before your jaw drops to the floor, it was only a picture of the Savior in front of me. But His presence was definitely there. A list of questions guided the mind as the interview began and it was a moment of great reflection on my mission. I was definitely feeling the Spirit strongly and I got some good guidance on what I need to do next. From this experience and from the events of the week I've realized that my focus has primarily been on numbers, or results, and that is alright but it's not the best. My focus needs to be on Christ, and my faith needs to be in Him and not in outcomes. This nick of the woods is the most fertile place in the whole mission, given it has a seemingly endless supply of potential. Knowing that, I figured that if I'm not baptizing then I'm doing something completely wrong. I've become more and more tense as each day has passed and there have been no baptisms because my happiness was based on results and not commitment. There are a few things I do have, like a strong drive to work hard. I'm bent on working myself to the ground because that's just how I'm wired, but I just need to tweak a couple things to make sure that my focus is on my commitment and not in the results. Basically doing my best and leaving the rest in the Lord's hands and not worrying about the things out of my control. It's a tough lesson to learn, but everybody has to learn it. And I think a mission is the best place for it. God loves us enough to stretch us. He won't break us, but he will stretch us...a lot!

I feel like a bag of bricks is coming off my shoulders as I'm learning that lesson. We're just going to go out there and give it our all. If we baptize, then great! If we don't, oh well. As long as we can say we left everything out there then it's ok with me. That being said, I believe there are people out there who are ready and prepared to hear our message. We're going to go find at least one of them this week so be ready to hear all about it next week. I've learned from my emails to you that most of the investigators I mention don't even last 2 emails. I'm determined to find some people who won't fizzle out but who will be able to survive many emails! Be ready for thunder.

Elder McEwen and I are just swell. We're pretty happy right now. Our sisters are having a baptism this Saturday and since their investigator asked them to sing at the baptism, they tried to convince us to sing with them. I tried to explain to them why that wouldn't be so wise, as I'm about as good at singing as an octopus is at just doesn't work. Elder McEwen is about my same level. But somehow we got dragged into it...after a few practices we still sound like a bunch of screeching chickens. I hope the investigator doesn't get the wrong idea. But hey, "I can do all things through Christ, which strengtheneth me." There will be no footage, however. Wish us luck!

Lovin the mission life & I love all of you!

Love, Elder Thomas


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