Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Terrorist Attack and Progress

Hey everyone, Elder Thomas here checking in from London! Such a pleasure to be serving here. If any of you know any cool facts about London, let me know because it will make it all the more interesting to serve here. I'd look up stuff like that, but that's a no-no for missionaries. So hit me up! I love this city and the people in it...there's simply no place like it.

As you probably already know, this week's been eventful to say the least! It's great to live here and all, but places like this seem to be where terrorist attacks occur most frequently--one of the risks of living in a big city, I guess. It was devastating to hear about the events that took place on Westminster Bridge last week, but the hand of God was prevalent! Our zone wanted to "give back" to President and Sister Gubler for all the hard work they do, so we planned to send them to the London Eye and then feed them dinner last Wednesday. I didn't know why in the moment, but we decided to bag the London Eye and just cook dinner for the Gublers instead. I now know the reason! Who knows what would've happened if we had sent the Gublers to the Eye (which is literally right next to Westminster Bridge)? It was also the first time we hadn't gone up to the river for preparation day. The bottom line is God protects His missionaries!

I've spoken to a lot of people over the last 20 months. Like, a lot. Out of all the concerns that people have, hands down the most reoccurring one is the question is why bad things happen. Definitely hear that concern at least once per day, but with the recent attack that number has skyrocketed because people are genuinely concerned for the world. When we speak to people with that concern, half the job is already done. All we have to do is turn them towards the answer to their questions because they just don't know where to find it. Of course, all of us know that the Book of Mormon contains every answer to every question, so we've been using that book nonstop this week! I've even began to just start reading the answers to all the Africans here the moment I approach them because they love scriptures and I just assume that they have questions on their minds. It's working pretty well! The Book of Mormon was written for our tells us how we should live in order to have peace in troubled times.

Got some happy news! After a lot of time on our knees in prayer and a lot of time on our feet at work, we have been blessed with a baptismal date. Olu is on date for May 6 and she is totally psyched! She was beaming as we explained to her why that day would be so special. The only other time I've seen her that happy is when we gave her a Book of Mormon. Her calendar is marked and she's on her way! I've never seen somebody so convinced that God has led us to them. She has a 3 year old son who she wants to send on a mission someday and she has a Spanish husband who is not particularly interested in the church...but we'll see about that.

Other random things from this week...

Got more sushi from Brother Ackesson.

TJ came to church.

Exchanged with Elder McKay (the Scottish one)

Stake culture party in Clapham.

Gave Books of Mormon to more barbers.

British Mothers' day was last Sunday.

Life is good! Love all of you guys. Enjoy General Conference! Cheers!

Love, Elder Thomas


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