Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Life on the Island

Well, week 1 on the island is done and dusted and I'm still breathin. For some reason it's been tough for me to adjust to this place, but I think I'm finally starting to get used to things around here. However, occasionally we'll be walking down the street and I'll have one of those weird zoom-out moments where I realize that I'm on an island in the middle of the ocean. Weird, I know, but maybe someday you'll know what I mean.

But hey, this week's been proper legit! Here's the scoop:
-nothing but pure sunshine since I arrived last week...pretty sure I brought summer here with me
-learning español from mi compañero
-racking up the biking miles
-saw France yesterday (don't worry, didn't actually go)
-Sergio Garcia won the Masters
-loads of miracles
-good times at the beach
-getting fed loads here

In last week's email I told you about our "pristine" living conditions... no washing machine or dryer, and no shower or hot water. I know other people have worse problems, but a couple days ago I got sick of living like an animal and managed to find Carlos, the groundskeeper here. Carlos came to the rescue! He immediately sent a guy over to fix our shower and a few other household items, and now they're good as new. They say you don't fully appreciate something until it's gone, and let me tell you, that warm shower was the highlight of my week. Tender mercies...thank you, Carlos.

Gotta tell you guys about my new comp, Elder Ferreira (pronounced "fuh-hay-duh"). He's a bit of an oddball, but he's got an awesome story. 3 years ago he was living a very worldly life in Portugal, but then he met missionaries in a coffee shop and was baptized 1 week later. Then he introduced the gospel to his parents, who got baptized soon after him. One thing led to another, and now he's a missionary! Not only that, but he's one of the the top-baptizing missionaries in the mission. This guy knows what to do! I literally have no idea what I'd do without him either. Without his Portuguese skills, I'd have no way of talking to 99% of the people on this island. Almost everybody we speak to is from another island called Madeira...somebody please check if anybody lives there because I'm pretty sure all of them are here!

Some cool facts about Jersey:
It also has different currency than England. We use the Jersey Pound.
People get angry if you refer to Jersey as England...Jersey is Jersey.
You can see France from the eastern part of Jersey.
It's about 9 miles long and 5 miles wide
It used to be under German rule.
All of the street names are French.

My favorite thing about this island is probably what most missionaries would despise. Unlike serving London, we hardly have any interaction with other missionaries around here since we're so isolated. Not going to lie, I've felt a bit lonely at times during the last week, but I believe it's helped me to increase my work ethic. I've worked harder this week than I have in a long time! Jersey is virtually free of distractions, which is my favorite thing about it. So it's just me, Elder Ferreira, and Christ here. I look forward to the coming weeks and hope to draw nearer to my Savior, because it's a guarantee that sometimes I'll have nowhere else to turn. Pretty sure I'll finish my mission here, but I can't think of any better way to spend it. If there was anybody I'd rather be stuck on an island with, it would be Christ. Like Nephi, I know in whom I have trusted and I know my Savior can offer me the peace, comfort, and strength I need. I'm a weak person--I just am. But with God, anything is possible. My experiences and the Spirit have taught me that this is true. I'm so grateful for the Lord and His promises!

Right now we're just trying to keep the investigators that we do have solid while adding to our teaching pool. The finding game continues!

I love the work! Elder Ferreira and I WILL baptize here! Please keep us in your prayers. Love you guys!

Love, Elder Thomas


The district minus two

Studies and McDonald's on the beach

Football with the ward

Nap time

First time at church

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