Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Physical and Spiritual Safety

Hey Elders & Brothers & Sisters!

Apologies in advance for this very short email...well, sorry but not sorry. We just got back from a round of golf at the Royal Jersey Golf Course! If you knew the significance of this particular golf course and my love for golf, you'd understand how awesome of a preparation day it's been. To make it even better, we went with a nonmember! So it's been a good day so far. And the goodness continues because now I get to write to the most important people about the most important things!

And for the sake of time I'm going to stick to those most important things. For myself, the most important things is both my and my companions physical and spiritual safety. Both have been affected this week!

Concerning physical safety, I can now officially say that I've been attacked. I'm not entirely excited to say that, but I think it's kind of cool, although it definitely wasn't in the moment. I was in the bathroom at the local hospital just washing my hands when a drunk guy walked in and started swearing at me and threatening to beat me with my bike helmet. I got out of there quicker than you can say papas fritas, but this guy would not chill out. Keep in mind that I didn't do or say anything to this man. He followed me out of the bathroom and when I tried to get on my bike to leave, he actually hit me! I hit the wall and fell over my bikes and by the time I recuperated he had run off. But he couldn't hide! The hospital people helped me out and called the police. Long story short, he was arrested and I'm ok. Hope that story makes your day more interesting in some way. Kids, remember to wear your helmets! For those of you who are now worrying (mom), I'm
absolutely fine.

As for spiritual safety, our testimonies have been affected positively! Last week we prayed for "someone" to come to church--and "someone" did. Well, this week we switched it up by making sure we prayed for "an investigator" to come to church--and an investigator did come to church! Our recent convert Hugo brought his brother who we are now teaching. Miracles!

Again, sorry for the short email. Hopefully it's short and sweet, just like President Monson's talk in conference. His talk about the Book of Mormon has been on my mind all week. I know I always talk about the Book of Mormon, but I just know for sure that it's true and it can bless your lives in ways you never imagined. I absolutely know it!

You guys have a good week, and be sure to stay SAFE--both physically and spiritually.

Love you all! Elder Thomas out.

Love, Elder Thomas


Uno and mustaches

Weekly planning at the castle

Two drenched missionaries

The Vardon Statue

Me and Chris

Golf at the Royal Jersey Golf Course!

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