Tuesday, October 20, 2015

2 months out

Hey guys!

Yup, today is my 2 month mark! Officially 2 months out on my mission. Only 22 more to go! My trainer says it goes by pretty fast when you're working hard though, and that's what we've been doing. This week was good, but it was about 99% rejection. Not kidding, we talked to over fifty people every day and none of them listened to us! Lots of doors were slammed in our face but we are that much closer to somebody who's ready. One night I got a little discouraged but Elder Raveneau made some killer pasta and cheered me up. He's so awesome! One night we had 5 minutes left to contact and we decided to go big and then go home, and we found a lady who was ready! Totally worth all the rejections.

I've been adjusting a lot to the new area and the new people this week. Since we're whitewashing the area, we have nobody to teach so we contact all day long. We did teach the family on teasel way though! We brought brother Sutton (ward mission leader) and he was a beast. He served in North Dakota 20 years ago and he's still got it! The family invited us back so we'll see what happens. I think they'll be baptized next month.

Missions are hard though! It's a lot of work. Some days are better than others but I keep going. Good thing I have an awesome French trainer and a great ward. Elder Brown, one of my buddies in the MTC, is in my district and he had a baptism last week! It was really cool, the guy's name is joe and I think he's the start of a string of baptisms in the Oxford area.

I probably should have used the emergency card to get some food for us this last week because we really did starve on some days...we left all our food in Didcot. But we got groceries this morning so we are all good. This week we did a lot of service at the Suttons. We built a new fence for him and put it up in his backyard and it looks pretty good!

It's P day and we are going to have a tour of Christ Church where Harry  Potter was filmed!  Pretty cool. But that's all for this week. Until next time!

Elder Thomas

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