Monday, October 5, 2015

Knock, knock!

Hey guys!

This week has been so awesome. With General Conference and a bunch of other spiritual stuff, I have been loving my mission!

My mission president's family has been praying for a road that we should knock, and they felt really strongly that we should knock a street called Teasel Way. So we went there one day and knocked one side of the road. Nobody was interested. We got a lot of doors slammed in our face and a lot of cuss words spat at us, so we were really anxious to come back and knock the other side. The next day we went out to do the other side of the road. On the way there, I talked to a guy named Andy who was really interested in learning more about the gospel. We set up an appointment with him and got his address. He got off at the same stop as us and HE WALKED DOWN TEASEL WAY to  get to his house. We think he is valid even though he doesn't live on Teasel Way. It was mind blowing, we hope to baptise him soon. Then we started knocking and we got three more return appointments in 30 minutes!

We finally found a flat in Witney! We should move in sometime next week. I'm excited, because that means I get a bed! Sleeping on the floor has been fun and all but I'm ready to go to Witney because there are people there who are ready for the gospel.

I got to go on an exchange with the district leader, Elder Wagaman, on Friday. I learned so much from the exchange and it has helped me become a better street contacter. I made a goal to talk to everybody I see when I'm contacting, even if I have to cross the street or talk through their car window or even jog with them! It feels good to go to sleep at night knowing that I talked to everybody the Lord placed in my path.

General Conference was amazing! We were lucky enough to get to watch it at a member's house. Even though all 5 of their kids were all over me, I was able to listen and get some answers to some questions that I had. I've always watched conference but I've never really listened until now, and it was fantastic. The three new apostles are really awesome!

We got to do more service again this week! We took care of the bishop's garden (lawn) and his yard. I asked him for a weed eater and he gave me a weird looking pole...It wasn't a trimmer. After that we went over to a recent convert's house and painted her kitchen walls purple. It was so fun and it looks really good!

The weather here is getting pretty nasty so enjoy the warm Utah weather while you can. They say you can tell when it's summer here because the rain is warmer than when it's winter!!!

One question I had for conference is how to deepen my faith. I got so much new knowledge and faith from hearing the speakers and learning from what they said. We can exercise and increase our faith by specifically studying the scriptures, praying honestly, keeping the commandments, and going to church. It really works! But if we don't exercise faith everyday, it begins to atrophy. Faith is either going up or going down, it never stays the same!

I'm loving my mission. Until next week!

Elder Thomas


PDay in Oxford

Hardwood floor I've been sleeping on

Painting the kitchen purple

Chang Mai Kitchen on PDay

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