Monday, September 28, 2015

Losing myself in the work!

Hello all!

This has been the best week of my mission! So much has happened but it went by so fast. Elder Raveneau and I are killing it right now! Even though we are whitewashing an area, we are trying to be diligent...even if we have to take a 2 hour bus ride to get there! Yup, we're still in Didcot, which means we are still looking for a flat in Witney. There are only two beds in our flat, and my blow up mattress got a hole in it so now I'm sleeping on the wood floor! Not the best on my back, but it's actually not that bad. Can't wait to get to Witney though. Elder Raveneau is so in tune with the spirit. He received revelation that we needed to stop working in Didcot and start working in Witney..everyday! It's tough to get out there everyday but it's worth it. We have TRIPLED our numbers from last week! And the members always feed us; which always helps :)

I received a very special blessing this week. On Sunday, as sacrament meeting was about to start, in walked Ken and Joy Woolley!!! They are in Oxford for the week and it made my day to see them. I loved getting to talk to them because they are very close family friends. They also brought packages from my family. Not just for me, but for Elder Raveneau too! His face lit up when he read his name on one of them and he was so happy. I've never seen a happier Frenchman. So that night we dined on American candy and it was great! Thank you to my family!! And thank you to the Kossin Family for their letters, I love them so much!

I have learned a lot this week, from the spirit and from my companion. I am learning to trust the spirit to tell me what to say when I am teaching. That has been a problem for me because I don't want to not know what to say and embarrass myself! That usually ends with me trusting myself more than the spirit, which is a problem. As I have studied the scriptures and prayed with faith, I have began to trust the spirit and it has made all the difference in our lessons. We are a very effective companionship. I'm so lucky to be trained by my companion. Elder Raveneau is an animal. He's so good on the streets! He didn't speak any English before his mission and now he's fluent. Amazing!

Most people don't listen to us: we've taught some catholic priests, some Jehovah's Witnesses, some Atheists, and most of them don't listen. Once in a while though, we talk to that one person who is ready. And it is amazing! On Sunday after church was over, this random guy walked into the chapel. Nobody knew him, and he was just wearing regular clothes. So we started talking to him. Turns out his name is Philip, he's from London, and he's been investigating the church for a few months! We taught him a lesson and gave him a Book of Mormon, he was one happy dude. After a prayer, he was on his way--hopefully to baptism!

Guess what? I didn't lose anything this week! But I think I am beginning to lose myself in the work. I love talking to the people here and reminding them that they are valuable in the eyes of Heavenly Father.

Funny thought of the week: While at a dinner appointment, Elder Phelps and I had the opportunity to try Vegemite. I guess it's supposed to be really good on bread and stuff like that. I just had a nibble and hated it. Meanwhile, Elder Phelps thought it was chocolate or something, so he ate a whole spoonful! He nearly threw up at the dinner table and it was hilarious!! Haha, he got an extra piece of cheesecake for it though.

Spiritual thought of the week: my buddy Elder Seelos is serving in New Zealand right now and he shot me an email last week. He told me to read the introduction of the Book of Mormon and pick something that stood out to me. The first paragraph says that it contains "the fullness of the everlasting gospel." Fullness means everything, so that means that the Book of Mormon contains everything we need to live the gospel here on earth. That is why the Book of Mormon is so important! We need to read it every single day in order to get the most out of it. It has blessed my life and it will bless yours too.

Until next week!

Elder Thomas


Church from Downton Abbey

Ruins in Witney - 500 years old

The Woolleys

Packages from home!

In Oxford with the Woolleys

Emailing at the library in Oxford


A cartoon :)

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