Monday, September 7, 2015

The field

Hey everyone!

Well, I'm finally in the field! I left the MTC early last Wednesday morning to go to the field. We got to a chapel in South London and went through some training, and then got our new companions! My companion is Elder Raveneau from France and he is legit! The first thing I told him was "je suis le fromage" (I am the cheese). He thought that was pretty weird and now we're best buds! We stayed at a hotel in London that night and the next day we took a train to a town called Didcot, near Oxford. We are staying there until we get a place in Witney where we'll be serving, but right now we are in a flat with 2 other elders and there is no room so I've been sleeping on a pad on the floor and living out of my suitcase! Pretty crazy. The other elders in the flat are both from Utah: Elder Phelps and Elder Wagaman. We have so much fun but we all work hard! It's crazy how fast time goes by during the day when you're working all the time. Other than snack time, personal study is my favourite part of the day. I realized that I really don't know a whole lot about the gospel so I love studying. I could do it all day! The craziest thing is definitely street contacting. I'm not used to approaching random strangers and talking about the gospel! I'm working at it though.

Thursday was a long day because of traveling, but Brother Sutton, the ward mission leader came over and brought us food and bed stuff so that was good. He is so funny and nice to me (unlike most people in England). He's already had us over for dinner twice, and his wife makes the best cake ever! I always do the dishes though. But whenever I try to talk to people on the street, some of them don't even look at me! It's hard. I have been able to talk to a bunch of people and get their information though, so I'm working at it.

Sunday was cool! We went to church and I love the ward. I got to bear my testimony and introduce myself and it was great! Then I gave a blessing to a lady in the ward.

After church there was a party with a bunch of food and it was awesome! I ate a few sloppy joes. The ward is excited to have two new missionaries because they haven't had any in the ward for a year! Anyways, I've been passing out a lot of pass-along cards and talking to people on busses, but no investigators yet because we've been busy looking for a flat in Witney. I've spent a lot of time in Oxford because we go through on the way to Witney. Oxford is awesome! Today is P day and it started off rough. I lost my wallet- still haven't found it, and then I forgot my bus pass when we were already at the bus stop...but brother Sutton came to the rescue and brought us food and took us to some Roman ruins! So fun! We skipped rocks in the river and walked around the country side and the forest. I felt like I was in Robin Hood or something. But pray that I can find my wallet cuz it has my license and my church card in it. I hope it's not lost!

Also, on Sunday we had a mission-wide prayer to open the floodgates of miracles in the London South mission. President Gubler has been inspired that a season of miracles is at hand and that tons will be converted over the next two years. So good things are coming! I'm learning so much right now and there's still so much to learn in the next two years! I'm so excited and I'm loving my mission. That's all for this week though!

Love, Elder Thomas

Me and Elder Raveneau

PDay with Elder Raveneau and Brother Sutton

Roman ruins

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