Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 4

Well, I guess I have 1 month down, 23 to go! It's moving so fast! It feels like I gave my farewell talk yesterday. So much has happened in the last month and it's been awesome. This week was very busy. So much has happened and we've been on the move all day every day. Elder Raveneau and I have been looking for a flat, and we found one we like in the middle of Witney. It's really nice and we would be really close to stores and the bus stop. On Tuesday we street contacted a lot and we went to young mens that night. There aren't very many young men but they are great. The activity was missionary meals so we had to be there!  

On Wednesday we had District Meeting at the chapel and the senior couple, the Nymans, brought muffins. They were gone so fast! But the thing we are stressing right now is obedience. Our motto is "obedience brings blessings, but exact obedience brings miracles." And miracles have been happening: I lost my wallet, which contained my driver's license, my temple recommend, my debit card, and some money. So pretty much all I have! I was super worried about that because I needed it to get around from place to place and to buy food! I looked
everywhere. I called the bus company to see if I had left it on a bus, but nobody had it. I thought of every place I had been the last week but I couldn't think of where I might have left it so I was about to give up. Then one of the Elders suggested that we say a prayer so we did. We each told each other where we felt it would be and none of us had an answer or anything. I stood up to start looking again when I suddenly remembered that I had used my wallet at a grocery store in Witney. I called them as fast as I could and I had a really good feeling. Sure enough they had it!!! It was a miracle and I know that the Holy Ghost let me know that it was there. So awesome! Then one day Elder Raveneau and I were proselyting in Carterton and we weren't having any luck. I was getting frustrated because I felt like the spirit wasn't getting through to people but I realized it was because I was trying to memorise everything I was going to say before I said it, which is a bad idea. I decided to trust the spirit to know what to say, and the next lady we talked to said she believed what we were saying and that she would read the book of mormon! It was so awesome!!! Miracles are bounteous in the London South Mission. 
We've been doing a lot of service his week. On Saturday we helped a family move into the ward for 5 hours! It was really hard but the family is great. We got McDonald's afterwards too. 

Something has clicked this last week as well. I used to be nervous to talk to random people but now I say hi to everybody and talk to everybody I can. Even if they don't want to hear the message, I talk to them about anything and eventuality bring the conversation back to the book of Mormon. There are so many different kinds of people here. People from all over the world come to Oxford and I've learned so much from them! We are teaching a family right now, the mom is from Georgia (not US) and the dad is from Estonia. They speak 4 different languages! They have two little kids who also speak multiple languages. So crazy. We stopped by on Saturday to say hi and they let us in and made us pizza! We got to talk to them for a while and they are doing great in the gospel. I did the dishes and played their piano and they gave us meat pies to take home and told us to come back this week for a crepe/piano/gospel party! Too bad we are moving to Witney in a week, I wish we could keep teaching them. 

I've been playing the piano a lot, usually in every meeting I go to. People love waterfall and kids love Charlie Brown and toy story. I'm still studying a lot and learning everything I can. It's fun to learn about stuff. I always pray for revelatory dreams, so hopefully I get one soon! I know I'm being blessed because of my faith and I'm grateful to have so much support back at home!

The members are so nice here! The Suttons have had us over for dinner so many times already and they are having us over tomorrow too! Even though they don't have a lot, they are so happy and giving. You guys would love Brother Sutton, he's so funny. He has English humor so sometimes I don't get his jokes but he's hilarious. 
On days where we don't have dinner appointments I'm always hungry because food is expensive here and we don't have much for 4 people, but we get by. 

Today is P day so we are in Oxford for the day to explore. I'm excited!  Anyways, happy birthday to Luke! I can't believe he's almost 13! Keep being awesome and make sure to read the scriptures. Sorry I can't be there!

Love, Elder Thomas

Emailing at the library

Riding the bus

Panorama of the bus life

Me and Elder Wagaman

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