Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween party


This week has been crazy! Lots of good news and lots of not so good news.  More than half of our investigators dropped us this week! I didn't think that was possible, but 5 out of 9 of them flogged us so that kind of sucked. Come to find out out entire zone had a rough week. In fact, one of my buddies from the MTC went home so it's been hard for us Elders. He was one of the strongest missionaries too! Just goes to show how much your faith is tested out here in the field.

Mark the bearded dragon guy dropped us too! I guess he has a mental disability and his dad called us and told us to leave him alone so that was kind of was Halloween though!  Elder Raveneau and I wanted to end Halloween on a good note so we went and bought some kebabs (kebobs) and a bunch of snacks and went home and had a feast!

Speaking of feasts, that's my spiritual thought of the week. We need to feast in order to stay alive...if we don't eat, then we die. It's as simple as that, even I can understand it! But perhaps more importantly, we also need to be feasting on the words of Christ. I've learned that although it can be fun and all to "snack" on the words of Christ, or just read for fun, it's more filling to feast, or to really study the scriptures. It helps that I'm a missionary and get an hour every day to set aside for complete scripture study, but I've realized how important it really is! This week we taught our investigator family that the three components of testimony are prayer, church, and scripture study. I figure I should be living what I teach! I know that scripture study brings us closer to Christ and opens the door to revelation.

Funny thought: never give a Frenchman a glow stick. See picture to see why. Sorry for the short email, I ran outta time! Until next week!

Love Elder Thomas

The fantastic foursome in purple ties!

Elder Raveneau went glow stick crazy at the Halloween party

The cookie challenge

The Oxford Castle

In the stocks at the Oxford Castle

Elders in armor

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