Monday, November 9, 2015

Pubs and bonfires!


So this week has been really joke. It's getting really cold here and it rains a ton. I never know how cold it is though because everything is in Celsius and it's kind of annoying. My umbrella broke too so it's just me and my coat now.

I'm sure many of you know this, but there is a holiday on November 5 here in England called "Guy Fawkes Day." Apparently it's a celebration of a guy named Guy who tried to kill the King of England a while back by blowing up the parliament building, but he got caught and was burned at the stake. Kind of a crazy thing to celebrate, but it's similar to the 4th of July. To celebrate, they do fireworks and have huge bonfires all over the place. Sometimes they even make dummies and chuck them into the fire with firecrackers shoved into its head. It was interesting to witness. We got to go over to brother Sutton's house and make a fire with him to celebrate.

Since I've been working with Elder Raveneau, I had a goal to have at least one baptism with him. I knew this would only happen if we worked our hardest and talked to everybody while being obedient, and that's what we've been doing! To be baptized, an investigator has to come to church twice and then get baptized the following Saturday. That means we needed somebody to come to church yesterday in order for them to be baptized before Elder Raveneau gets transferred. So I decided to take it up a notch and not only talk to everybody I see, but talk to everybody that might see me. One night I saw a crowd of people on the sidewalk in front of a shop, and I told Elder Raveneau to preach to them. He didn't want to, but the opportunity was perfect! So I did it. It scared me to death but I preached to those people and told them to read the Book of Mormon. Although none of them were willing, I felt good afterwards...even though I wanted to throw up.

That same night we ran into a guy in front of a pub and he told us that his friend named David Strutt would listen to us! The problem was, he was in the pub. After some nerve racking skepticism, we decided to go for it. It was a Friday night, so the pub was pretty full and everybody was going crazy. I walked in first and everybody just kind of got quiet...I felt like a dude from the old western movies! I asked the bartender where David Strutt was, and he came walking over to see us. Although he was too drunk to really talk to us about the church, he bought me a lemonade and chatted with us for a bit. Then we left.

The bad news is I won't have a baptism with my trainer, but the good news is I did my absolute best and I'm giving it all I've got. I'm doing my job, it's just a matter of the Lord doing his job now. And he will! It doesn't matter when or how, but he'll help us to find people to teach and baptize. That's the important thing: If I do my part, the Lord will do his. I have his promise! It doesn't just go for missionary work either--it goes for anything in life. We are still teaching the family on Teasel Way and they should be baptized next's going to be a white Christmas!!!

Funny Thing: I received a package from Elder Burnett last week, and inside was a zebra costume for Halloween. I've been wearing the tail all around the flat, but one day I forgot to take it off and didn't realize until we were outside. I don't think anybody saw me...people already think I'm weird enough!

President Gubler randomly showed up at our ward yesterday, so it was fun to see him! He's the coolest guy--he never stops smiling...ever. We have zone conference with him tomorrow so I'll let you know how it goes! Until then!

The district: Elder Westra (Holland), Elder Thomas, Elder Phelps (Utah), Elder Brown (Arizona), Elder Raveneau (France), Elder Wagaman (Utah), Sister Xayalath (Laos), Sister Du Plessis (South Africa), Sister Thompson (Tennesee), Sister Bristain (Phillipines)

Triple selfie at Christ Church

Bonfire at Brother Sutton's

Zebra costume from Jaden

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