Monday, November 30, 2015

Lost in the wilderness

Hey guys!

Hope you guys had a good Thanksgiving! Since there's a bunch of Americans in the ward, there was a big party at the Oxford Chapel and it was awesome. So don't worry because I didn't miss thanksgiving this year :) I had my fair share of food. I had some good turkey and pie and probably gained a few pounds (not currency). It was nice.

This week was pretty good. We set some transfer of them is to baptize the Rathbones! Hopefully it happens before Christmas. Imm (the mom) is just about ready and she loves the Book of Mormon. It's really cool. They couldn't come to church this week but hopefully they'll come next week and then get baptized in the next couple Saturdays!

One day we went out to a town called Hailey to see one of our potential investigators. It was too dark to go on the busy streets so we had to take shortcuts through fields and stuff. Eventually our iPads stopped telling us where to go, so we didn't know what to do since it's a serious journey from Witney. We eventually got there, knocked on the door (she didn't answer), and started back. We got lost again! We made a wrong turn somewhere and had no clue where to go. We said a prayer to know what to do and started walking again. Eventually we saw the unmistakable lights of Witney! We thought we were out of trouble and it was fun and all... until we got stuck in the mud! It has been raining a ton lately so mud was everywherrre. We might have ruined our shoes. Sorry mom! I know that's a pretty cliche prayer story, but it was still amazing. We probably could have found a different way home somehow, but Heavenly Father helped us make it back in time to get to our lesson with our investigators. Prayer and faith work every time!

Not much else happened this week, it was pretty boring so sorry for the short email! Things will get interesting next week because we are going to commit our investigators to baptism. It's going to be a white Christmas and not because of snow!  Plus, we get to go to the temple on the 10th so I'm excited for that! Thanks for the emails, I love hearing from everybody! Sorry if I didn't respond, we were short on time today and it's tough to type on this iPad. Anyways, have a good week! Talk to you l8er.

Love Elder Thomas

Birthday card for Imm Rathbone

Muddy shoes!

Good times at Thanksgiving dinner

Brother Sutton

Pday at the Sutton's house

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