Monday, July 4, 2016

Exchanges and the 4th!

First of all, happy 4th of July everyone! What a blessed day this is, in memory of a blessed land. Many of you may wonder if I will be celebrating since I'm in the UK. Although I haven't celebrated the 4th on American soil for 4 years and counting due to surgery, work, and vacation, the answer is... why, of course! We've got a few American missionaries over here, so we are getting together to celebrate. Burgers, hot dogs, and everything except fireworks. That one will have to wait. But I hope you enjoy your day! America is great, but it is missing out on one thing: Indian food, especially curry. We eat a lot of that over here and it's delicious!

Good things happened this week. Here's some highlights:
-Went to Vitality Stadium last Monday, home of AFC Bournemouth.
They're in the Premier League!
-Taught a Brazilian family in Spanish :)
-Exchange with Elder Wilfley from Sacramento, California
-Got stalked by a crazy guy
-Exchange with Elder Louder from Kamas, Utah.
-More football
-Teaching the youth
-More Spanish
-More dinner appointments

Somehow, most of the exchanges this transfer fell into this week. Exchanges are a good opportunity to serve with and learn from other missionaries around you. It's also good to see more parts of the country. The first exchange was with Elder Wilfley and we had the car! It made me want to finish all this driving license stuff so I can get rolling... literally. It's kind of a nightmare, though. Exchange #2 was with Elder Louder. He's a Kamas boy! After talking for a while, I figured out that he knows the Woolleys because he fixes their snowmobiles. Small world!

After getting back from the football stadium, we hit the streets. We came across a Brazilian family who invited us into their yard and we taught them the Restoration. The cool thing is, they understand Spanish so I got to teach a lesson in Spanish! I'm pretty rubbish still, but I'm getting there. Sadly they didn't invite us back, but it was a good learning experience. The gift of tongues is real!

More contacting and knocking followed, as that is our absolute focus right now since we've got nobody to teach. We're trying everything to find people right now. One thing that seems to work is Saturday afternoon football at the chapel. The English love their football (soccer), so we figured that we would keep doing it! We had a pretty good turnout of members and non-members on Saturday. We plan to keep doing that as well as the English class.

Elder Gilbert and I have had the privilege to teach all the youth in the ward over the last couple Sundays. I'm so impressed with them! It's cool for me to be able to teach and interact with so many future missionaries. One of them was here on holiday from France, and funnily enough she knows Elder Raveneau! But teaching is definitely my favorite thing to do right now :) I love serving with Elder Gilbert because he's a master teacher! He promised to teach me 3 things: how to teach better, how to eat more, and how to do the Hakka. Looking forward to it.

That's all for this week though! Thank you all so much for all the help you've given me and all that you do for the Lord. I promise that whenever you feel alone, He will always be there to comfort you. He is aware of your situations and always willing to help you fix things. I leave that testimony with you in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Love you all!

God bless America!

Love, Elder Thomas


My football team of dogs

Me and Elder Louder from Kamas

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