Monday, July 11, 2016

Trial and Error

Happy Monday everybody!

Mondays really are a good day, especially a sunny day like this one. Monday (preparation day) is no excuse to kick back and not work because it is still part of the time which I have devoted to serving the Lord--It's still His day, not mine. But it is a much needed time to unwind physically and mentally so I can give a 100% effort for the rest of the week. Apart from preparation days and Sundays, everyday is virtually the same! Preparation days and different colored ties are the only variation we Elders get...and preparation day is the only time to get different ties. Honestly, without preparation day I'd probably pull my hair out.

But it's crazy to think that another week has come and gone! Time seems to go faster and faster each week. It's a little scary because I love my mission and don't want it to end! His week has been a good one though. Here's some highlights:
-zone BBQ on July 4
-cut my own hair again (third time) no mess ups!
-exceedingly long leadership council on Tuesday
-really good district meeting on Wednesday
-found some new investigators!!!
-more Spanish

The first few days of the week was 100% finding. Whitewashing has taught me that the only way to teach is to find people to teach, and the only way to do that is just to dive in and get your hands dirty. You've just got to discipline yourself to working until you have people to teach. So that's what we did! It took a lot of effort, especially on the first days of the week. We literally tried everything... football and English class didn't work out too well this week, so we just keep being creative to see what works and what doesn't. Hence, trial and error. But by the end of the week we had success! The Lord didn't make it easy, but He sure did make it possible. We are now teaching Natasha and Joe. We hope we can continue teaching them so they can progress. I know that not only hard work pays off, but smart work pays off. Teaching is what we are called to do!

The middle of the week was meetings! In zone leaderships council we talked a lot about the Season of Miracles (or the second harvest in this land). President Gubler has assured us that the Season of Miracles has not just ended abruptly. It's still here and it will come more fully as we become more converted. I'll admit, I haven't given as much thought to the Season of Miracles as I used to. I used to have complete faith in the Season, and I have my trainer to thank for instilling that in my heart at the beginning of my mission because he was on fire about it too. As a mission, we came to the conclusion that we need to believe more actively in the Season for it to come! I'm excited to "own it" again.

District Meeting went really well too! I have been told that some of my district meetings are a bit dull and that they need more life to them, so I resolved to make this one great! Instead of me talking at everybody for most of the time, I planned to have more people participate and to do a fun hands on activity. And it totally worked! Since our district needs to work on finding and a lot of people are visual learners, I made an activity that taught us how to find. Good things are coming for the Bournemouth district...we're going to baptize the nation!

On a sad note, our friend Alcides from Columbia is no longer with us. He's totally fine, but he went back to Spain this week to be with his family again. He had come to England to find work, but he decided it was better for him in Spain. So we had our last Spanish conversation and said our goodbyes. Fortunately, there are thousands of other Spanish speakers here so I'll be able to keep it up!

I feel to share a personal spiritual thought this week. I received a letter from my grandparents this week and it made my day! Emails are great, but I love getting letters for some reason. I read the letters over and over again, and Grandpa Ralph said something that really spoke to my heart. First of all, I love Grandpa Ralph. He's an old man (93), but he's one of my heroes. I'm probably his biggest fan. But he told me that his main goal is to be here when I get home from my mission.  As those words touched me, the Spirit came to me. He told me that my Heavenly Father feels exactly the same way--His main goal is for me to come home into His loving embrace. Then I happened to read Elder Christofferson's talk about Fathers that morning. It's not Father's Day, but I have a real appreciation for my parents, both earthly and Heavenly. I know they want to see us all come home and I say that in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Love you all and have a good week!

Love, Elder Thomas


Vitality Stadium

Team Bournemouth

Fourth of July party with the Poole crew

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