Thursday, January 12, 2017

I Have a Son?

Hola, mi amigos y familia!

Such a crazy week, folks! Transfers week is always a little bumpier than others, especially when you are getting transferred yourself. We had a really good leadership training from President Gubler down in Crawley last week, and one night I got a call from President. The other 10 elders that were there went silent while President told me that I was getting released as a zone leader to train a new missionary as a district leader in Peckham (central London). So that's where I'm writing to you from! London is an entirely different experience for me and it's completely different to any of my other areas. Lots of Africans and Latinos. Some places are quite rough around here, but people are generally friendly and willing to talk.

This place is also a baptizing factory! One sister who served here baptized 10 people in a matter of months. Although we are working from scratch, this place has potential. Hopefully it will join the city of Enoch by the time our work is done.

So I left Staines and got to go through the temple before I picked up my son from the VC. I was in a room with all the departing missionaries, and to be honest their conversations about home were making me a bit trunky! But fortunately I've snapped back into business now. Being around departing missionaries is fun, but it's pretty emotional. Anyways, there were only 3 new elders, so I had the chance between 2 Germans and an Englishman. My new comp is Elder McEwen from Sheffield, UK! He's pretty laid back and chilled but I think he's ready to get out there and work hard. Training is pretty interesting because you get to the flat for the first planning session and they just sit there and look at you like a lost puppy. He's going to learn so much and we are pals already. I'm so grateful to have a son! He knows who his daddy is.

Reflecting on the time in Staines, I've learned a lot. I didn't baptize anybody there so I was kind of torn to leave John Paul, but I guess the Lord has good things in store for me here. My last week there was outstanding. Two of our investigators, both Tero and John Paul told us during different lessons that they feel like they've known us before this life and that they feel like we were sent to them by God for a reason. John Paul gave me the best goodbye present ever by telling me that he has decided to put both feet in to joining the church on the 28th. An American family came back from Utah with a big pack of Mountain Dew for us, which we consumed with haste. I made
friendships that will last a lifetime. My faith in Christ has grown exponentially and I know that He will make it possible for us to see great success in London if we just do all that we can. What I do know is that we're going to baptize here even if it kills us.

Thanks so much for all the prayers lately, I've definitely needed them with all the changes going on. Wish me luck with my new area and new companion! Love you all!

Love, Elder Thomas


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