Thursday, January 26, 2017


Hey guys!

Elder McEwen and I are still alive out here. Until you've lived in London, you think of London as a pretty posh place. While central London is nice, everything around it a bit different. There's a lot of ghettos and some places are pretty dodgy. Peckham has some really crazy areas where the crime rates soar. I'm just waiting for a movie to come out called "straight outta Peckham". We were nervous when we first got here, but we're adapting pretty well. We didn't choose the streets of London...the streets of London chose us.

Anyways, this week's been good!
-loads of finding trying to build a teaching pool
-World Wide Broadcast with the mission department
-wrestled with a Scotsman
-more Spanish
-got offered drugs for the first time (said no)

Our district is pretty funny. We've got the zone leaders, a pair of French sisters, and another pair of elders. We work hard but we have a good time! Went on an exchange with the elders yesterday. Their names are Elder Hess and Elder McKay. Elder Hess is from Washington and his massive size got him the nickname of "Goliath"...that is, until we thought of Prince Hess. We thought that was more fitting. Elder McKay is a Scottish fireball. The first thing he did when he came over was try to wrestle me for some reason. One thing led to another and it turned into a missionary brawl. Pleased to inform you that the winner is not Scottish :) I love our district!

We had a great privilege to be addressed by the missionary department last week. It was a world wide broadcast (WWB) and they gave us some really good training on how to work more effectively with members and our investigators. I'm always amazed at how much power and authority these brethren speak with. It reminded me of how I felt when Elder Oaks visited our mission last year. Power entered the room with him and when he speaks there is a strong spiritual witness that he is an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. There's no denying that! The
brethren have made a lot of prayerful decisions regarding missionary work--a lot of which have affected us missionaries but they've all moved the work forward. When we listen to and abide by what God's ordained servants say to us, we can be certain that we will find more joy and purpose in our lives. We must "give place" for the word to be planted in our hearts and experiment upon them. The results of these "experiments" are also known as "fruits". And "by their fruits, ye shall know them." I know that we have prophets and apostles on earth today who have the power of God. These things are found in this church. I know this because I've felt the Spirit testify of others words and my own as the truth has been spoken concerning them. They are called of God.

Love you all so much! Peace out from London!

Love, Elder Thomas


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