Thursday, January 19, 2017

It's BEN a Good Juan

Hey guys!

Well, one week ago today I got on a train in England and hopped off in Africa. Not sure how that happened, but literally everybody here is African. And that's an understatement! It's not what I expected and I honestly don't know how that happened but I like it. African people are some of the nicest people on the planet and 99 percent of them are head over heels for Jesus Christ, which lightens our load a bit. These people are just so good. I shared my testimony in sacrament and everybody went ballistic when I mentioned that I like fufu. I think I'm African on the inside.

This week I've also realized that my Espanol isn't quite what I thought it was. I'm pretty confident during the first few minutes of a Spanish conversation, but that's about the extend of my vocabulary and I run out of things to say. At that point I just ask if they're interested and move on! It's a good tool to have and I use it everyday, but it definitely needs some brushing up on. The latinos are a very receptive people and they love Jesus Christ as well. Taught one guy called Juan on a bus one night and had to ask him to stop the bus before we crossed the mission boundary. Gave him a Spanish Book of Mormon and then spoke to another Spanish lady by the river, but had to end the conversation quickly before we completely crossed Westminster bridge. Pretty weird to contact people next to Big Ben and the London Eye, which are both huge tourist attractions and places I've been before as a tourist. We plan to go there for preparation day today. Be ready for pictures!

Elder McEwen and I have such a blast together. He has things he needs to change, as every new missionary does, but I'm certain that he will keep learning and obeying. He's honestly pretty easy to train and he's pretty funny! We both have our quirks. He's opposed to soapboxing in central London but he is able to speak loud and clear on a tube ride where hundreds of silent people listen. This kid has so much potential, I'm tellin you! One of my quirks (weaknesses) is that I get pretty annoyed with some people on the street. One guy refused to believe in God and kept denying him with the reason that he had been "clinically dead" therefore knowing that there was nothing after this life. So after many unsuccessful attempts to convince him otherwise, I just refused to believe that he was actually dead. I said " were just in a coma." He didn't like that.

Had a spectacular 5-zone conference yesterday in Crawley and it was just the boost we needed to figure out how to work hard in this area. I believe that if we just do everything we can to baptize here that the lord will make it happen. It's happened in my mission before, so I know it can happen again. It's a heavenly pattern--God has loads of them.

Anyways, the work is great. It's such a privilege to serve here in London where people are so prepared. Can't wait to see what this next week brings. Love you all!

Love, Elder Thomas


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